Why Are We Building The Navigate Ecosystem
June 7th, 2022: Today, we announced Navigate to the world. A new community platform that allows you to share data and earn crypto. But what does that really mean? What are we trying to do and who are we doing it for? And most importantly, why?
Before we dive into the reasons we launched this project, it may be best to first provide some background.
The Problem: We don’t control our data. We can’t monetize it.
Our surroundings and our actions have become more digitized, our devices have become more integrated, and we are creating massive amounts of data every day. Every two years we’re doubling the amount of data we’ve produced since the dawn of time. And the applications we use, the cars we drive, the things we search, the shows we watch, the places we go, all result in this data being generated and collected. In theory, our data trails are analyzed by large companies to provide us with more convenience, connect us with products that should make our jobs easier, and improve the services we use to give us a higher quality of life.
While all of this sounds good and fair…you guessed it…there’s a catch.
This ‘digital world’ could not exist without the data you and I provide it. It’s our data that fuels today’s services. It’s our data that is filtered through organizations and fed to machine learning algorithms to improve products. It’s our data that is given to large companies that collect and re-sell this data for a profit. In other words, we generate a lot of very useful data everyday—sometimes without even knowing it—but only a few companies actually get to utilize and monetize that data.
Why don’t we have more of a say on where that data goes, what it is used for, and who controls it? Better yet, why don’t we make money when someone uses it? After all, isn’t it our data?
The current internet model, Web2, is centrally owned and controlled. But the recent emergence of blockchain technologies has allowed us to move the internet toward Web3, where all users are empowered, and ownership and control is distributed and decentralized. In general terms, Web3 gives us—the users—a say.
How can we effectively offer people control and oversight of their data and fairly compensate them while also allowing companies to use that data for the creation of new solutions?
App innovation is stuck. Community-sourced, on-chain data repositories can change this.
Navigate is building the premier destination for next generation data—the critical data you collect or cause to be created. It includes data captured by your devices, robotics, autonomous vehicles, IoT sensors, drones, and much more. This is data that is rich with insights, and has historically been siloed or inaccessible. But Navigate will be much more than just a repository of this data; it will be the catalyst for app innovation.
Let’s face it, there hasn’t been much innovation in the app ecosystem. After all, a word processor is still quite similar to a word processor from 20 years ago. How many note taking apps do we really need? How can we re-introduce innovation to app development? We believe the answer lies in data-driven apps fueled by data you and I provide—apps that know you and I, and the world, in unique ways. Apps that are smart and offer much more than what today’s software can provide. So, by contributing data to Navigate, you not only make money, but also provide other users access to data that will help them build new, exciting solutions. Users, enterprises, and diverse organizations will access the Navigate platform to build the products of tomorrow, helping to solve real world business and societal problems with the data you provide.
We designed Navigate to be an ecosystem where users contribute data that can be easily gathered from around the world and in turn delivered to innovative app builders. Powered by your data, Navigate will allow other users to build apps that haven’t yet been possible to build. It’s a place for creativity, ideation, and most importantly—it’s a place for you. It’s a place for you to contribute, to make money, to build, and to have a say.
The Solution: Share Data. Earn Crypto. All on your Terms.
The idea behind Navigate is very simple: it is time for people to profit from the data they create and enable others to use that data and build a new class of applications.
Navigate will be a destination for everyone, whether or not they are experienced with crypto, to contribute data and build exciting apps for the world to use. Powered by Web3 infrastructure, Navigate will be a proving ground to demonstrate how people across the globe can supply data and contribute to better solutions on a decentralized global network.
We truly believe Navigate will empower people all over the world and unlock innovation. We created Navigate because we too want to take control of our data, and we too want to use new, exciting applications that do more and aren’t controlled by a few centralized players. We too want to have a say. And with Navigate, we will.
To learn more about the Navigate platform, what comes next, and how to get involved, follow us on Twitter @NVG8official.
        -     The Navigate Team